Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Frontiers of digital asset trading

What are they?

These are marketplaces where people can trade crypto assets in real-time. You can think of them as similar to traditional markets, like the NASDAQ and NYSE, but that crypto exchanges are open 24/7.

They're more commonly known as crypto exchanges, or simply exchanges in the crypto world.

What does Tuned support?

We currently support some of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume. As you know, our platform enables automated trading, and high volume lower’s a traders chance of moving markets. Meaning that your orders are more likely to execute as planned.

- Binance
- Bitmex
- Bybit
- Coinbase Pro
- Huobi
- Kraken

Ready to get started?

Crypto exchanges in practice

What shouldn’t be overlooked is that these exchanges offer unique wallet IDs for all cryptocurrencies to all users. This convenience saves everyone the trouble of finding a wallet themselves and deciding who to trust. More than that, it acts as one place people can access all their assets. For many, cryptocurrency exchanges also provide the most straightforward path to purchase trending cryptocurrencies.